French fashion in the gilded age

Terrific interview Dr Block was so knowledgeable and fun to listen to So informative Thanks so much

An absolute must-listen

This podcast is a fascinating and satisfying deep dive into the parts of history that aren’t covered in the classroom. Each episode is comprehensive yet easy to follow, and the host’s and guests’ enthusiasm for the topic is infectious.

An absolute delight

Makes my little nerd heart happy.

Unsung podcast of the minutemen was a highlight to listen to.

It was Great and very happy to hear this podcast. Thank you for having such a nice format on American History being told. Leslie Barry was great.

You should listen!

Kelly does an excellent job of not only finding great guests with interesting topics she asks great questions and does a great job of introducing the topics. More people should listen to Unsung History!

Terrific history podcast!

I just listened to "Women-Led Slave Revolts" which has to be one of my favorite interviews so far. Kelly finds great topics/authors, and knows how to draw them out with thoughtful, to the point questions. This is a podcast where you get to actually listen to the guests and not to the podcast host going on and on! Full disclosure- Kelly recently interviewed me as well for my novel We Demand: The Suffrage Road Trip. I've never written a review for a podcast before, but I was so impressed with Kelly and her work I was moved to do so.

the ONLY pod I listen to

I adore this podcast, because I adore history, and I adore (& admire) Kelly's thoughtful and gentle (while thorough and inquisitive) interviewing methods. I was a huge fan of her previous pod, "Two Broads Talking Politics," and I will now faithfully listen to every episode of this marvelous pod. I am incredibly excited to have the opportunity to learn more about the little-known aspects of American history. I can't wait to expand my universe in this way. Thank you, Kelly!

Love this podcast! I have to save them up to binge listen because one episode is never enough. I’ve already bought a few of the audiobooks used in the podcasts because the authors and events were so fascinating to learn about.

Every episode is a fascinating deep dive. Some heartbreaking, some funny, always informative.