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International Podcast Day


Friday, September 30, is International Podcast Day, and I’ve set a goal of 1000 downloads* of Unsung History on that day! This would be a record for single-day downloads for the podcast, but it’s an achievable goal, and with your help, I’m sure we can do it! 

(My real goal is to get more people talking about hard history, but that’s more difficult to quantify. 😉)



Date: Friday, September 30, 2022
Time: All Day
Place: All over the internet
Hashtags: #InternationalPodcastDay, #UnsungHistory

Below are ideas for how you can help. This is not meant to be a checklist, so don’t feel a need to do everything! Just pick whatever thing(s) seem most appealing to you. This also isn’t exhaustive. I’m sure there are a million other ways people could help. Do any of those too!




If you have a few minutes to help on Friday:

  1. Follow Unsung History on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and/or YouTube.
  2. Like / comment on / share our social media posts next Friday. Social media algorithms love engagement, and the posts will be seen by more people if you engage.
  3. Post your own social media posts, using our pre-written posts and graphics
    Please include the hashtags #InternationalPodcastDay and #UnsungHistory if you can. If you have time before Friday and want to help create posts/images, please let me know.
  4. Subscribe to Unsung History on your favorite podcasting app.
  5. Listen to / Download an episode. Or 70.
  6. Recommend Unsung History to one history-loving friend.


If you have a little more time to help on Friday:

  1. Rate and review Unsung HIstory.
  2. Write your own social media posts telling your friends and followers in your own words why you love Unsung History. Mentioning and linking to a favorite episode is a really effective way to encourage people to listen. Please include the hashtags #InternationalPodcastDay and #UnsungHistory if you can.
  3. Make a short video asking people to listen. Try to recruit your kids/pets/anyone who is available to help. My kids love making these.
  4. Recommend Unsung History to five history-loving friends.
  5. Hype Unsung History on Reddit/Podcasts or Podcasts We Listen To or on any of the Twitter posts that say: “I need podcast recommendations for a long car trip!”


If you have time and a special talent:

  1. Compose a song or a sonnet about Unsung History and share with the world.
  2. Create fan art.
  3. Knit an Unsung History sweater. I’m kidding! Maybe a hat? I’ll make a colorwork chart if anyone actually wants to do this!
  4. Make an animated video encouraging people to listen to Unsung History.
  5. Figure out how to use your special skill to help. I’m available to brainstorm!


If you have time and access to a printer:

  1. Print out Unsung History posters and post them in coffee shops / bookstore / libraries / college campuses / wherever history lovers congregate. Email me for a PDF of the poster.


If you have lots of money:

  1. Donate a few dollars to help me buy social media ads.
  2. Buy some merch.


I’m open to basically any ideas you have. Please share your creative thoughts with me!


* A note on terminology: if you stream an episode on a particular day, that will count as a download. You can also download to your device for future listening without actually listening that day. That’s also a download. If you listen to an episode you already downloaded onto your device, that’s not a download.



Banner photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash.
Headphone photo by C D-X on Unsplash.