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Holly Korda

Holly Korda became fascinated with World War 1 volunteer knitting when she learned of these home front heroics from a relative who learned to knit in school for the war effort. A researcher by training, she reached out to a Red Cross historian in the 1980s to uncover more about these amazing efforts. Fast forward to the Internet age, Holly expanded her research on the knitting brigades and has shared numerous presentations on the topic with volunteer knitting groups, community groups, veterans, and history buffs across the state through library and historical societies, association gathers, and World War One commemorations.

A resident of Old Orchard Beach, Maine, she is involved with and honors community initiatives that demonstrate the power of the human spirit--and community members who step up to make a difference.

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Knitting Brigades of World War I

June 7, 2021

Between America’s entry into World War I and the end of the war less than two years later, Americans knit 23 million articles of clothing and bandages for soldiers overseas, directed by the American Red Cross. How was this k…

Guest: Holly Korda