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Bradley J. Sommer

I’m originally from a small Midwestern city (go local tourist attraction!). I did my undergraduate work at the University of Toledo and my Master’s at the University of Cincinnati. I recently lived in Pittsburgh, where I earned my Doctorate in American History from Carnegie Mellon University. While there, I was a lucky enough to be a TA for a variety of classes and for hundreds of wonderful students, winning awards for my teaching (which I am sure I did not deserve, but I’m not complaining).

Because I am incapable of not being busy, while I was working on my PhD, I was doing a lot of nonprofit work. From 2017-2020, I was involved with the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students (NAGPS), the last years as President & CEO. In my time with NAGPS I worked on a variety of issues, all related to higher education, such as F-1 visa reauthorization, research funding, protecting DACA, student loan interest, public service loan forgiveness, food insecurity, and the advisor-advisee relationship. Additionally, I worked on NAGPS’ finances, partnerships, strategic plan, SOPs, and supervised the Board of Directors, all under the impending existential doom that was/is a global pandemic.

I am currently back in my hometown looking for full-time employment all while trying to be a historian and to perfect the art of the snarky, yet informative, tweet.

When not running, applying for jobs, writing, or talking about history with anyone who will listen, I spend most of my time reading, walking, watching sports, and adding to my collection of records and books. The books are getting to be a bit of a problem, as I now have over 2,000 of them (please send shelves).

20TH Century Labor History

The 1934 Toledo Auto-Lite Strike

Jan. 10, 2022

In February, 1934, in the midst of the Great Depression, a small group of unionized workers at the Electric Auto-Lite company of Toledo, Ohio, went on strike. When management failed to sign a promised contract by the April 1…