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Anne Gass

​I am the author of We Demand: The Suffrage Road Trip, a historical fiction novel based on the true story of a 1915 road trip for the suffrage cause. It is illustrated by my daughter, Emma Leavitt of Solei Arts.

My first book was Voting Down the Rose: Florence Brooks Whitehouse and Maine’s Fight for Woman Suffrage, a biography that came out in 2014. It's about my great-grandmother, a Maine suffrage leader from 1913-1920. Both are published by

Maine Authors Publishing.

I am a “women’s rights history activist” - I love sharing what I've learned about this rich history with others, hoping to inspire their activism!

20TH Century LGBTQIA+ History Women's History

The Suffrage Road Trip of 1915

Jan. 3, 2022

In September 1915, four suffragists set off from the Panama–Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco, California, in a brand-new Overland 6 convertible to make the 3,000-mile drive across the country to deliver a pe…

Guest: Anne Gass